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How To carve An Eye Lesson 1

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Eyes carving easy and quick realistic eyes in wood, or stone in a short time with this free classes tutorial you will learn how to design or pencil draw better eyes for your wood carving project, to carve proportion eyes in wood or stone you need to know the anatomy and proportion of the human eyes, before you start carving your realistic faces, you need a good drawing of the eyes. Let's watch this video series of how to carve better and realistic eyes like the great sculptor MichelAngelo, Bernini, or Canova.

In this video lesson you will learn step by step how to draw better realistic eyes from a photo.

You will learn how to set the pupil so the eye will look proportion.

How to carve the eyes proportion or parallel from one to another.

You are frustrated and having travel carving an eye that will look good and realistic?

Now you have the opportunity to learn how to carve eyes that will show emotions.

You will learn the best way to whittle an eye step by step in this free video classes , so we need to start with the beginning so this is lesson one how to create your design.

Remember that this step is very important because if you have a good design or pattern you will have the road map or the blueprint to create better faces.
If you don't have a pattern or design for your wood carving is like building a house without a blueprint, you will start construction blind and maybe will take three times longer to finish...

how to whittle an eye is not that complicated as a sound you just need a master wood carving class that will guide you through the main problems, so you will be able to improve your carving techniques on how to better carve faces…

This lesson you will learn how to shade with pencil a realistic eye that you will be able to transfer into you blank of wood and be ready to start carving an eye that will inspire you to continue carving more…