Wood Carving
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Carving An Eye Step By Step Lesson 3

Lesson 3

WOOD CARVING AN EYE this dynamic step by step classes on how to wood carving better, realistic and anatomical eyes, you will master the wood carving techniques of carving faces that will look stunning  with this free video lesson you will learn how to rough out in wood an eye.

So let's watch this workshop on how to carve  better and realistic eyes like the great sculptor MichelAngelo, Bernini, or Canova.

You are frustrated and having travel carving  an eye that will look good and realistic?

In this video school series on how to carve an eye you will learn step by step how to draw better realistic  eyes from a photo.

You will learn how to set the pupil so the eye will look proportion.

How to carve the eyes proportion or parallel  from one to another.