You Need Patterns for Wood Carving, Stone Carving Or Paintings?

Welcome to the Patterns  Gallery  you are welcome to use any of the patterns here.  without restriction...

Remember that a photo is just a tool to help you creating better Carvings or Paintings but you can put your creativity and recreated that Image into a great Pattern or Desing...

Single Rose

Click the image and download into your desktop.

How To Carve Better Eyes Pettens

Carving A Better Eyes
Wood Carving Eyes
Carving Realistic Eyes in Wood
Wood Carving A Human Eyes
Pencil Drawing  of The Eyes
You Need Rendering  For You Carving

Enjoy this patterns for you wood carving.

 To carve better eyes just take your time and real study the eye and then start carving following  my video course.

Anatomy  of  The Hhuman Eyes For Artist

Morning  Glory 

Free Carving Pattern

Click the image and download onto your desktop.

This great Design is going to created amaizing Carvings, Paintings.  You are welcome  to used this images for your projects. Remember that you could change  the image to make to your design or pattern better.

This image is created from a image of so a big thank to all people that share their images there...

I just created the renderins for you ... Hope you like and will be helpful to you Art projects,  any comments or questions leave a comment below.

 Happy Arts Creation. 

American Eagle 

American  Eagle Patterns

Click the image and download into your desktop

American Eagle 

This  great image will created Amaizing Art piece  you will be able to describe  or carving full of the dramatic face of this  wildlife  Bird of prey...

In this video you will see how to created your Patterns and how you can transfer  into a blank of wood and start the wood carving project...

Lily Pattern

This elegant design will provide you with the necessary images to study the design to transfer and to draw with the Square frame that will help you to draw in small sections. With this, you will be able to recreate the pattern into your material. 

Oak Leaf To Carve in Wood or Stone 

This simple Pattern is a great piece to start your Wood Carving, just copy and download. You can learn wood carving with the 15 to 27 minutes YouTube videos one video per day  and follow  along with the process to Learn  Wood Carving Just visit my Chanel. 

How To Wood Carving Better Noses

Download to you desktop  and make a print with  out any restrictions.