Wood Carving Better Eyes

This great series will walk  true the process of wood carving better eyes , you will learn the anatomy, proportion , how to created contrast  inside of the eye, where to set the pupils, the Iris.

You will learn how to wood carve amazing  eyes that will be full of life and realism.

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How To Wood Carve a Nose

 Beginner Guide  To Wood Carving A better Nose Step By Step Free Classes

Unable to overcome the conflictive and the obstacles that so many wood carvers are wasty months or years without achieving a good result, leaving it confused and overwhelmed.

Without desire to create new sculptures, or developed new skills on how to carve in wood better faces special the nose.

Get the map on how to create better Faces in this wood carving school.

In this new wood carving course  you will learn all the fundamental aspects, the proportion, anatomy ,dimention and you will get all the necessary skills to master the carving techniques of a wooden nose  step by step lesson...

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Wood Carving An Oak Leaf

Learn Wood Carving Free Classes


Let me ask? You would like to learn wood carving in an easy  step by step video lessons…

You are in the right  place and at the right time because  this is you change to access FREE VIDEO CLASSES. and you will have the opportunity to start using those chisels that you got for your birthday  or for Christmas…

Wood Carving is a fantastic Art, you will bring your self into the mystery  of creation.

As well you will Combine  your ability to control the chisels and visualize  your dream sculpture in the block of wood or a heavy block of Stone...


To carve in wood your are going to need a few things  

  • Patience
  • Perseverance
  • Guidance
  • Idea or concept
  • Design  or patterns
  • Carbon  Paper
  • A piece of wood
  • Carving Chisels
  • Files
  • Sand paper
  • Stain
  • Clear  coat
  • Celebration

Lest take a look this first  project we are going to create together.

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Learn How To Carve In Stone

You would like to learn wood carving in an easy  step by step video lessons, you are in the right  place and at the right time because this is you change to access FREE VIDEO CLASSES.

Wood Carving Academy Learn How To Carve In A Free Carving School You Can Master Stone or Wood Sculpture In Easy Step By Step Classes, even you Never Carve Before.

Sometime you purchase  tools that are not good it all, they will not hold the sharp edge and they crumbs  apart...

Over confused of what is the best type of wood for you project or what Is the best   type of stone to created better and graciously sculptures…

You want to design better carvings but every time nothing looks good and the worse you don't know if the patterns that you spend hours will be good for carving  in stone or wood ...

You don't have a clear understanding of how to visualize your sculpture from your drawing.

How To transfer that design,  that you put hours to created into your block of lumber or the beautiful Carrara Marble , that cost you a fortune...

How to Stone Carving or Wood Carving
is not just grabbing a chisel and start hammering into your material to create your results.

You need a plan a structure step by step that will guide  you through the process on

How you are going to get there, what is the easiest and less painful road, what are the best tools to use?

What the heck  is a pneumatic hammer and how to make that solid Carrara Marble crumbs in you hand transforming in your dream sculpture…

Well you are not alone I was walking  in the same shoes 30 years ago.

It was painful, very stressful  and took a long time wasting money, in tools that was not that greatest , in classes that was not that informative, with teacher that only have a little experience on this mediums...

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Modeling A Portrait In Clay

How To Modeling In Clay Step By Step A Human Head

This video classes they are going to help you in the procces of how to Modeling a better model in clay.