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Eagle Owl Oil Painting


Painting  Specifications


Title:          Eagle Owl

Medium:  Oil Painting Over Masonite board

Sizes:.        24” X 36”

Prize:         $ 1150.00

Shipping:  Free In The USA

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The purpose of creating this painting was to share with YOU the outstanding action of one of the world’s largest, fastest, highest flying and more aggressive Owls of all the Eurasian Eagle Owl

When you look close to the orange color eyes you will find the action scene, a small mice walking in the meadows innocent of what could happen… Is the reflection  of Wildlife.

Less see how much we know about Owls!

Most of the time we have the idea that Owls are nocturnal but some species only hunt on daytime the Great Horned Owl that has a yellow eye this characteristic is particular of those that hunt during the daytime, those that have orange eyes will hunt during nighttime.
What different Owls from the rest of birds of prey is the characteristic that Owls have a close level with the eyes an asymmetrically ears this mean one ear is lower than the another so this particular property will help Owls to located any sound

even the smallest, also they combine this characteristic with the rapid movement of the head from side to side…

Is true that the Owls could move the head all around?

It is not true most of the Owl’s species have strong muscles in their neck and also they have an extra vertebrate, this two combinations will give the illusion that they move the head all around, thanks to the muscles that will give the speed, less said that most of the Owl’s family move the head 180 degrees.

The Great Horned Owl is able to turn his head 270 degrees this is fascinating they are able to do this very fast almost noticeable to the human eyes.  Owls have this particular property because they eyes are very large, and they don’t have strong muscles to move like most birds of prey…

Owls make a lot of noise when they fly?

Owls are completely silent in the air, because when the fly, the Owls wings are level with the ears and this will interference to locate any sound of the small preys…

To obtain this result Owls wings feathers are very soft, then another bird of prey, also the feathers on the leading edges of the wings have very fine serrations.  So that is why they are silence and can snick to almost any prey, but most of the time they only obting results one of ten intents…

How large  are the Owls?

Owls family range from different sizes, from the smallest at all the Elf Owls, the Least Pygmy Owls, and Long Whiskered Owls that will be the sizes of sparrows.  True the larger at all the Beautiful Eurasian Eagle Owls, that has a great appearance and weight around 9 lbs and his wings span could reach proximity 6 ft…


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