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Snow Leopard Oil Painting


Medium:     Oil Over Canvas

Sizes:           20” X 32
Prize:           $950.00

Shipping:    Free in the USA

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In the solitude  of the Chinese Mountain lives one of the most difficult  to see wild cats the Snow leopard…

This amazing  wildlife animal is the majesty of Asia it live in solitude in between  the rockies areas and the snow…

His fantastic  marking camouflage  with the large stones and the snow…


In this Snow Leopard Oil Painting you will transport into that exact moment in the mountains of Central Asia where  the cool wind blow filling the air and the snow cover all the ground…


You are standing next to this  beautiful animal you are witness  of his abilities to hunt.

You can see those graifull eyes looking far for any deer or other animals that walk in the snow that will be his survival…


You follow  him when slow jump 50 feet to the next rock without making my sound keeping  his eyes in his prey.

His large  feet cover with thick hair act like snowshoes and his long tail help to give balance true the rocky mountains, his body  is cover as well with a beautiful coats of long hairs with a dense, woolly underfur to protect them from the harsh of the freezing  weather, and with a particular pattern that is unique to every Leopard of black rosettes and white creating the perfect camouflage  to sneak without been noticed…


Is sad when this amazing  animal is sacrifice for just used the skin or used their bone for medicine they was in a very  hard risk of been in extinction, but the number are still low they about 4000 adults in the wild and that still love number…


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