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Cuturi U Pneumatic Hammers


Cuturi U Pneumatic  Hammer

Cuturi “U” is a fantastic  Pneumatic carving tool, it has the power to rough out small Sculpture and the delicacy to work in any details with the proper stone chisels, is ideal to work in several rock materials as well for wood carving but it work very, well with a real razor sharp pneumatic  wood carving chisels like the ones Milani manufactured produce.


Pro’s Cuturi U Pneumatic Hammers

•It has a lot of power.

•You can carve  many materials quickly with the proper air chisels. It is a great carving tool for marble, granite, sandstone, limestone,  alabaster, soapstone and is a fantastic tool for wood carving. Not many artists or sculptors used this great tool for carving in wood but is an excellent tool for that job with the wood carving chisels, the regular stone carving chisels will not work.

•It works at 70 to 90 psi.

•If the air pressure is lowered, you can work on small areas or details. Although it should be said, that in order to achieve this, you must be careful and have had a lot of practice.

•It is a great tool that resists oxidation.  To ensure this, it needs to be cleaned and lubricated with the appropriate Cuturi oil in order to retain its excellent performance.

•Weights 1100kg.

•Hits per 1 minute : 6500.

•Piston diameter: 3/4inch.

•Tool entry size: 12.5mm.

•The tool must be kept freehand.

•It will support long periods of work without problems (from 8 to 12 hours per day).


•Due to its medium size than the Cuturi “U”, it is not extremely powerful for rough out fast large projects.

•You need anti-vibration gloves.

•The Cuturi “U” can tire your hands, arms, and shoulders quickly.

•You need an air compressor.

• For wood carving you need a proper wood carving chisels.


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