Why The Sculpture  Surface Is The Most Important  


The surface is the most important part of a sculpture is the final language of the expression, the constant reflection of the hold concept of work, for that purpose is one of the most important steps of any carving, the surface will determinate the characteristics of the project the accomplish and the true expression or emotion of the artist that is sharing with you in the finish of his piece of art.

Lest look gran pieces of stone sculpture like the David of Michaelangelo a large sculpture carving in Carrara marble about 17 feet tall.  If you have the honor to visit this great piece of classical art you will have the feeling of a real precent of this reality, that moment when a boy or best a teenayer ready to confront a grand evil of his time the giant Goliath. 
  David was not afraid because God was with him and he was 100%  short that he was going to defeat his enemy and he did with the power of God...
 Michaelangelo prof like David that he was the greater sculptor of his time. With this great masterpiece hi assume the responsibility to change the language of sculpture forever, he revolutionary the way with created stone carving.
 when you are in front of Michaelangelo piece "David" you have the emotion the admiration, the desire of touch, you want to test if what is in front of you is real or just a block of Carrara marble. You want to take a lot of photos to remember this event in your life.  But the most important part of the hold sculpture is the smooth elegant and embrace SURFACE that gives you all those feelings...
Is not what is inside of the hold master sculpture is the Surface that gives you or reflects the artist emotions and language that created the suspense and action of the hold composition

About the Author Ruben

Colombian Artist
I am a working artist since 1987 in the mediums of Stone Sculpture, Wood Sculptures and Oils painting...

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