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Wild Waters For Our Souls Acrylic Painting


Art painting Specifications

Medium:     Pouring Acrylic  over masonite

Sizes:           8” X 10”

Price:           $550.00

Shipping:   Free in the USA

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In the middle of those really windy days  the Lake Michigan has real splashing waters and large waves, that was trembling  through the beach sand up to the grassy areas.

It was Magical like Wild waters for our souls rushing  over everything  creating new prints, new path or new patterns.

I when back home and mix a few colors in a cup and pouring into a piece of Masonite wishing  to accomplish the same effect that I witness by the lake.
It was not that close, but this result will re enchanting you and will refresh  your day when you take a close look…
You will see splash  waters rushing through  the surface colors and creating  a wild composition of the wild Waters for your soul… With this pouring  Acrylic Art Painting.



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Juan salazar

Stone Sculptor 

As Stone carver I always look for the best tools to use in my sculptures and the Cuturi Pneumatic hammers are the best, they work well in any stone , they have the power and stroke  to cut the stone. This tool set is great it come with all the tools to start carviing. TOTAL RECOMENDED

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