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Cuturi Z Pneumatic Air Hammers


Pneumatic hammer stone tool Cuturi “Z” is one of the best in the market  to real rough out your Sculptures it has a large power; not a stone surface can resist  the abilities of these beautiful air hammer, is great for a large project and you will do the job faster no doubt about it.

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Cuturi “Z” Pneumatic Hammer

Cuturi hammers are created with a classic and elegant design that will adapt very well to the hands of the carving artist.

These amazing Cuturi Air Hammers are created for jobs that require heavy-duty tools for continuous, non-stop use that need a lot of power, the Cuturi Z is a super machine no doubt  about  it. Try for you self you will be amazed  by the force that breaks  through  any type of stone.

If you are working in a large marble or any other type of stone you need the power of this amazing  Italian hammer create for the best stone sculptors.


  • It has a lot of power for any job.

  • Weight: 2,600 Kg

  • Hits per minute: 4,100

  • Piston diameter: 1inch – 1/4inch

  • Tool input: 16mm

  • You can demolish many materials quickly with the proper air chisels like marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, soapstone.

  • It works at 90 psi.

  • If the air pressure is lowered, you can work on small areas or details. Although it should be said, that in order to achieve this, you must be careful and have had a lot of practice.

  • It is a great tool that resists oxidation.  To ensure this, it needs to be cleaned and lubricated with the appropriate Cuturi oil in order to retain its excellent performance.

  • It will support long periods of work without problems (from 8 to 12 hours per day).

  • The tool must be kept freehand.

  • Can be used with machinery.


  • Due to its larger size than the Cuturi “Z”, it is extremely powerful so you will need to take care of your self when using it, take breaks in between  long periods  of use.

  • You need anti-vibration gloves.

  • It will not be suitable for small details.

  • As already mentioned, it is the largest and is slightly heavier than the Cuturi “R” model, so it can tire your hands, arms, and shoulders quickly.

  • This model requires ¾inch size chisels.

  • You need an air compressor.


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Juan salazar

Stone Sculptor 

As Stone carver I always look for the best tools to use in my sculptures and the Cuturi Pneumatic hammers are the best, they work well in any stone , they have the power and stroke  to cut the stone. This tool set is great it come with all the tools to start carviing. TOTAL RECOMENDED

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