Art Classes for Everyone 

Those small details in the process of elaborating some product, of any work, of some activity, make that which, in appearance, seems possible from a particular methodology or a given protocol, have an important impact on the final outcome.

In this article, nine aspects and advantages may be known that every person interested in enrolling an art classes must take into account when choosing one or another as the most indicated according to their expectations.

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today.

Many are the options of art classes and many the benefits derived from them.

How many times, throughout life, tasks or desires are postponed. So many times they are placed on the list of "tomorrow", whether close or distant, those activities that feed the soul and the spirit due to the dizzying rhythm of daily life. Many people have, among the points of their pending lists, some manual or artistic activity that may well be away from their profession but which is an important part of their definition as a human being.

And many of them come to old age without having fulfilled those desires and always remain the unborn of the unrealized action in the question that is made incessantly "And what would have happened if I ...?"

The first secret has to do then with the resolution, that capacity that the man has to decide and reconfigure his list of needs and purposes. The excuses that come from an ignorance of offers or access are no longer worth it.

Thanks to the internet and the ways we can travel the world and wonders, it is just a click on our hand. The question is the same one that is presented to the blank page or before the blank canvas, how to start? Where? A good start would be to feed this desire every day; put yourself in the place of what you want to do; visualize doing this activity; assist exhibitions; Search art catalogs; Allow yourself to live the experience of participating in different expressions and artistic languages and, of course, give way to the next point. 

The importance of knowing and information

Now days, the Internet offers practically unlimited access to information and art classes.

After having made the decision to put on the front of what was previously within the list of pending, it is very important to know the range of possibilities in terms of courses, thematic, methodologies, techniques and other aspects that are considered important when deciding.

For this, the tool of the Internet and its search engines from words is a hand. If you are already clear of the field or technique in which you want to venture an assertive search, direct and with the least number of words as possible, you can give good results. It is very important too, as we had pointed out at the first point, "get into a situation"; That is, to make that mind, attitude and word are open to finding what is sought; In this way, it will soon arrive.

Current dynamics, tools and democratization to information access make the meeting of various offers and opportunities unavoidable. Within that selection criterion, after a good exposure to all the information and possible offer, it is the step of starting to use "filters" to the most advanced search engine mode. These filters can be conceived in the form of a funnel in which, as it is advanced, more and more, search and selection parameters are screened.

For example, a first filter can be that of two-dimensional or three-dimensional techniques; In them they will appear, according to this first classification possibilities as "drawing", "painting", "engraving", "photography" or "modeling", "clay modeling", "Bajorrelieve", "carving", among many other possibilities.

 It can also happen that the one who seeks starts from the narrowest part to the widest of the funnel, as can be given with the specificity of a search criterion as "drawing classes". It may be that you start your inquiry with something very punctual but that, in the absence of information and possibilities, it ended up diverting its initial course and finding new and unsuspected alternatives.

Another factors that can be taken into account at the time of collection of information and options are the trajectory and portfolio of the tutor and his expertise in the field in which he offers his art classes. The advantage of today, with the increasingly growing supply of virtual training, is the wide variety of topics, schedules, intensities and methodologies available to those who decide to venture into this field of knowledge; As well as the important factor that many of these online or virtual class links are nested in very complete pages that give an artist's resume, the portfolio of his work, news blogs, virtual exhibitions, among others. In case there is no clarity about what you want to learn, nothing better than the same possibilities that a free navigation provides. Little by little, the panorama will be cleared.

The important thing is not to falter in the attempt and allow an unknown factor that may surprise us. After you have selected the option that most interests you and adjust to your expectations, then it is time to go to the third point. 

Enrolling the toolbox

Art tools

The qualities of art are so rich and spacious that, practically, from any material and support you can create an artistic work.

It is very important, at the beginning of a new work, defining all those elements or factors with which it must be counted when the decision has been made to initiate some classes of art, such as the time of dedication, resources, tools and the modality of which you will have to take them. In the case of very specialized courses, such as wood carving, it is necessary to have all the tools and materials necessary to meet the objectives of the course. It is common to be, these same pages or platforms that are responsible for selling such tools and materials through virtual stores or with trusted suppliers. Generally, online courses demand extra time to complete the tasks or exercises, it is possible that the time that must be allocated is a bit greater than the face-to-face courses; This aspect should be taken into account, but also who takes art classes has control over the organization of that time in order to meet the proposed objectives. 

After that mind and body enter the logic of virtuality in teaching, wear will be minimal in this aspect and all energy can be concentrated in the creative part; Even, through tutorials, the instructional requirements in terms of platform management and devices will be minimal or practically null. With all the resources at hand, the passage can be made to the next level and allow us to rediscover the trails of our life and how they all converge on something called art. 

No matter where we come from, our age or box of knowledge; Art will always guide us towards the essentials of our existence.

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All roads lead to art

Stone carving classes

One of the sources from which artistic creation is undoubtedly, it is the artist's own life and all the experiences for which he has traveled along his passage through the world. Many of the moments lived at an early age are recovered from sensations and crystallized memories thanks to the filter of the senses (smells, colors, textures, sounds and flavors).

The first approach of the child to the world is done through art, this is the case of drawing (first strokes). Art is the primordial writing, the original way of approaching the world, to recognize it and to apprehend it, and the senses are that first tool we have to understand it. The man seeks the way of plasmar his experiences as an alternative to understand himself and understand the world that surrounds him. Moreover, in the current times, in which the interaction dynamics are turning from invaluable ways, human capacity to adaptation and resilience shows us the importance of art to be a memory and record of events (throughout the history of Having clear the power of art to permeate all aspects of human existence and how through it we manage to understand the complexity of the world and the beings that inhabit it.

With this understanding, it can give way to the revelation of the fifth secret, the possibilities of exploring what we are capable of in plastic arts and expression through various materials and techniques.

Art, a wonderful challenge.

Art class

The achievement of converting into an artistic work a particular look of the world, one of the great contributions of art to humanity.

Deciding on taking an art course can be the gateway to the achievement of goals and advance our achievements through a path full of gratifying surprises and discovery enriching. The roads that open the art are wonderful and varied, and take us to experience the miracle of creation through our own skills and resources. These roads make us recognize what we are and we have, and they take us to discover what we did not think able to experience, contemplate or realize. 

Through art we can give creative solutions to inconveniences and obstacles of any kind. Art and all its demonstrations tend bridges with science (Leonardo da Vinci), Physics (Impressionism), Psychology (Surrealism), Social Report (Goya, Picasso), Society (Egyptian Art, Andy War In addition to the points of contact and dialogue that are woven between the various arts and artistic languages as it happens with theater, cinema, video art, performacia, among others.

To conclude with this secret, we can say that there are so many artistic works as aesthetic and receiving experiences are known; That is to say, that art is so wonderful and its abilities so infinite that each spectator is, in turn, creating a new work of art in which his life experience, his affinities and tastes converge, and the cultural and social baggage he possesses. This is how the next secret is attended, which will allow us to enrich our creative process through the contemplation of the environment and its details.

Recovering childhood lenses with art classes for kids

Kids art classes

Looking at the world through the eyes of children is a way to recover the astonishment and delicate contemplation of the world and its events.

Of the most wonderful things that are experienced is the overflowing and vivacious amazement of the children before everything that is unknown to them. The emotion that comes from that first act free of external impositions, definitions and characterizations, is the one that allows that spontaneous and natural encounter with the world and its novelties. Art allows us to remember again and experience that tour of the world through those children's lenses.

The dynamics that are woven between the work of art and the model or source of which it originates not only makes many of the classifications and definitions of art from that tendency to emulation or not of the model. Realism and hyperrealism (movements and artistic tendencies that establish an absolutely transparent link with its model) is contrasted with the distancing promulgated by abstract expressionism or minimalism as to what is assigned Being the tension between model and copy (if it is possible to call it that way), the truth is that we will always be located in the world according to the perception that we have of it and that an art course can help us return that children's observation power and the ability of astonishment.

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that comes from Affinities vs. artistic curiosities

In the contemplation of a work of art we find ourselves with ourselves and with the world.

Learn stone carving

We all have a sympathy towards some kind of artistic expression (or several), we enjoy the contemplation of the works of some special movement, of some artist or of some technique or support. Some will feel greater admiration contemplating a canvas and others surrounding and detailing a bundle sculpture or touring an architectural work. Some people will find their greatest aesthetic ecstasy during a musical concert or appreciating the gray and variety of grays and textures in an etching engraving. Others will approach a work of abstract expressionism or conceptual art with some suspicion and resistance to that is called "art" and will not understand what the author wanted with it.

This will have been the experience of many before the fountain of Marcel Duchamp, which is nothing other than a pottery with the artist's signature and that in his exhibition and staging in a gallery he reconfigured becoming a work of art. There will be many cases, too, that the aesthetic experience of the person observing the artistic work is - to a rather high degree - conditioned by the history of art and by the collective unconscious, and that whoever observes repeats almost without knowing the understanding that is derived from generic comments.

Whatever the approach or experience, in the history of art there is a broad catalog from which to have tastes, affinities and concerns. This secret opens an extensive and rich world of artistic and aesthetic possibilities and experiences, and encourages in us the spirit of carrying out what has been postponed and confused between the rhythm of dailyness. 

It's never too late to start art classes for adults near me

Art classes for adults near me

Many artists have ventured 'late' in the realization of artistic work, and not therefore, they are less recognized.

The notion of time to which we got used a measuring system based on hours, days, weeks, months and years - sought to the division that is made of life according to ages (childhood, adolescence, youth, adultez, old age) - O a A clear example of this is the game that is assumed as a "question of children" in which young and adults are no longer seen as susceptible to practice. Maybe, the game is retaked in old age, when the grandparents who play with their grandchildren are.

These paradigms that become behavior manuals according to age or to the areas that are inhabited, are translated into expiration or validity regulators, attitudes and aptitude, and achieve that we file in the drawer of It happens that limitations do not exist, nor in terms of time, space, tools or skills, if it is very clear about what you want to do and if you have an experienced hand and voice that guides us. Since there is the desire and the desire to do so, there will be no time defined to do so, the time will arrive on time, and that formula of acting will be dissolved when we have done it and we can do what we have always wanted to do an art class.

The hare and turtle, an important lesson

Clay Modeling art class

Since antiquity, man has looked at himself and towards his abilities and artistic abilities.

It is worth for this last secret, remember that fable of "the hare and the turtle" attributed to Aesop, author of ancient Greece, and that it is the challenge about who will earn the race. The hare, ultimately connoked its skills in the field of speed, looks with contempt for turtle and vatican without fear of mistakes, its overwhelming triumph. So much so that, in the confidence of his arrogance, he decides to take a nap considering that his victory over the turtle is practically a fact. So things, the turtle is not intimidated before the teasing of the hare and decides to start the march with a very clear goal: reach the goal. With this power that gives him the decision taken and visualizing crossing the arrival line, the turtle advances, slowly but constant, not defeated, a knowing that his shortcomings can become advantages thanks to his effort and to his desire to culminate what he has inspected when the hare returns from his placid and confident dream, it is already too late, he only remains to attend at the time when the turtle crosses the line of the goal between the cries of victory of the rest of the animals and the opprooly weight of his defeat amplified by humiliation.

This small summary of the fable of ESOPO, then rewritten by Jean de la Fontaine and by Felix María Samaniego, leaves us in sight this last secret: constancy exports any difficulty or lack. At some point in our lives we can feel exceeded by the circumstances and when taking an art course this feeling must be seen as a possible scenario. The challenges imposed by a material, the domain of a technique, the management of tools, added to the challenges that, sometimes, implies virtual education and time management can make us see ourselves as the hare saw the turtle, unable to but the important thing is that we see each other as the turtle saw each obstacle, as a step closer to the triumph. The challenges are great but, in that extent, it will be the satisfaction reached.

They receive, then, these secrets as initial gifts on the road to a new knowledge that comes to enrich their lives and stocks. These nine secrets are a useful tool to take into account the factors necessary to decide to take some classes of art and the advantages and paths that open when it is decided to take out of that list of pending dreams that have always wanted to make reality.

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